Little Alchemy 2 Help Center

Using Hints

If ever get stuck you can try using a hint!

A hint uncovers an item you can make using things you already discovered. But it doesn’t tell you how to make it to keep things interesting and challenging.

There are two ways of getting hints:

Use research points - you can acquire research points by choosing the ‘get more research’ button in the hints menu, then choosing the amount you wish to buy and proceeding with the transaction.

Each hint costs one research point.

This method doesn’t require the internet connection if you have research points already available.

Mind that if you happen to play on more than one device, your research points will stay on the device you used to acquire them.

Watch an ad - right after the video finishes you’ll get a hint. Each video will use a charge that regenerates over time. This method requires internet connection.

To see all of the active hints you can open up the item list in the encyclopedia and choose the hints category. Keep in mind that it will not display the items you already discovered, you can find those alongside the rest of your library.

last updated: 21 August 2017