Little Alchemy 2 Help Center

Item Types

On your journey as a Little Alchemist you’ll encounter a few different types of items.

Basic Items - they (usually) don’t come from specific combinations. These are the items you get from the beginning or the items you unlocked by satisfying certain conditions.

Unlockable Items - as mentioned above, some items will become available only when you accomplish certain goals. They can be unlocked by reaching progress milestones or finding enough related items.

Final Items - they don’t mix with any other items. To make things easier for you, they will automatically disappear from the workspace. If you ever want to access them you can always find them in the encyclopedia.

Depleted Items - they start as regular items but as you play and discover new combinations you may find all possible combinations for an item. If that happens it becomes depleted and it disappears from the workspace and from the library as it’s no longer useful to you. Of course you can always find it in the encyclopedia.

last updated: 21 August 2017