Little Alchemy 2 Help Center

Using The Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia is at the heart of any research! Here’s a few tips how to get the most out it if.

The items tab displays a list of all items you discovered in the game. You can find here all of the final and depleted that don’t show up in the library. You can toggle the categories to filter the content of the list. And if you found an item you want to use, you can tap the ‘add to workspace’ button on the right.

Tapping on any item icon in the encyclopedia will bring up the details page for this item. There you can find the item description, when was the first time you discovered this item, which categories it belongs to and how it relates to other items.

The stats tab will give you various statistics about your progress.

The news tab includes all important info about the game.

last updated: 21 August 2017