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Fixed more issues causing the items in the library to completely disappear. There may be a few more, rare cases of this happening but we're doing our best to track them down!

(iOS, Android) Fixed issues preventing your purchases from registering in the game under certain, rare conditions.

Fixed the 'new item' animation that didn't run smoothly on devices with newer versions of WebKit browsers installed.

(iOS) We had a long talk with the 'iTunes login' popup - now it will only show up when it's needed, instead of greeting you every time you launched the game.


The bug causing the content of the library to disappear should be now fixed. But if you happen to run into it again please send us the details to [email protected]

Popups are now properly sized regardless of the screen size.

Menu buttons now again display the 'x to close' when the menu is at the bottom of the screen.

Fixed the bug causing the overlay to show up without any good reason.


20 new items added to the game for a total of 720 free items!

Tutorials got a refresh. Also now tutorials try to take into account the available input method.

Added new text tutorials. They should better explain the difference between certain item types and why the h e c c that obsidian disappeared from the library.

Simplified parts of the library by removing some obscure or questionably logical combinations.

And made some items slightly easier to find.

The 'add to workspace' button in the encyclopedia now happily spins around announcing to the world that the action of adding an item to the workspace did indeed happen.

Very significant portion of the code was rewritten to pay off the tech debt we amassed since the release. While you shouldn't see any difference on the surface, this change should help us keep things nice and clean in the future.

(iOS, Android) Fixed bugs that in edge cases could leave you buying the 'Myths and Monsters' content pack and not being able to use it without reinstalling the game.

Added an option to sign up for our newsletter after you log in. For when you want to make sure you know when we release an update!

Fixed a problem where the progress from the 'Myths and Monsters' content pack could be removed if you continued playing on the web.

Added a loading indicator on the 'play' button.

Fixed a rare edge case where some screen sizes wouldn't receive a portion of visual styles.

Fixed a bug where on navigation some encyclopedia pages would retain the old scroll value.

And a few minor usability and performance tweaks.


(iOS, Android) Fixed a bug that in some cases would prevent the 'Myths and Monsters' content pack progress from being synced properly.

Fixed some bugs who used to force scrollable areas live in the past.

(iOS, Android) Increased the number of free hints you can use at once.

(iOS, Android) Changed who and how delivers rewarded videos. It should make it less common to encounter a situation where you want to get a hint but no videos are available.

Fixed some minor bugs causing inconsistencies in the login behavior.

(iOS) Items displayed in the in-game store are not supposed to be dragged around. Even if you're using and iPad on iOS 11+.

(iOS) Added a few minor UI fixes for iPhone X.

(iOS) On iOS audio should now play when you expect it to do so.


39 new items added to the base game!

(iOS, Android) Introduced the "Myths and Monsters" content pack with 4 new basic items and over a hundred items to discover!

Improved the logic for a number of items - on average it shouldn't influence your progress but in some rare cases you may need to find an item again.

(iOS, Android) Added a new tab with the store where you can support us by purchasing themed content packs that unlock extra items.

New categories picker in the encyclopedia.

Changed the sizing of the items and the library - on average it shrunk the items on smaller screens to give you more space on the workspace and to show more items on the list. It should be especially visible on mobile phones in the landscape orientation.

Rewrote all popups and dialogs - now they should be smoother and better positioned than ever.

Changed how the menu is displayed on the screen, if possible leaving more space to mix the items - again, it should be especially visible while playing in the landscape orientation on a smartphone.

Improved the library scroll - it should especially boost the performance for the lower-end mobile devices with a lot of items discovered.

Encyclopedia also got an improved scroll - it should fix a lot of the performance issues and situations where the list of items wasn't displayed properly.

Improved how the audio is handled in the game - we hope this change will fix a lot of the issues where the sounds and music were too quiet or distorted.

Fixed the issue where any touch on the item icon in the library would open its encyclopedia page.

Fixed some edge cases causing the game to lock - let us know if you still experience problems of that nature after the update!

Improved performance of the animations of the depleted items.

Fixed the issue where switching accounts could lead to some bizarre situations allowing players to use items they didn't discover yet.

Fixed a few minor typos - they were so tiny barely anybody noticed, but to those who did: thanks notifying us!

(iOS, Android) Made it possible to turn content packs on and off in the store.

(iOS) Added iPhone X support so you can use all that extra screen space.

(Android) Added support for the devices with the ultra-wide screens.

(Web) Fixed the bad spacing of the hints icon.

(Web) Fixed the stats icon being displayed incorrectly in the encyclopedia while using Firefox and Edge.

(Web) Fixed the issue causing parts of the screen to be inactive while using Edge browser.

And some other minor bugfixes and improvements that would be either too technical or minor to list.

Or we just forgot about them.

It was a big update.

I'll go to bed now.


Final and depleted items now require a tap before they're removed from the workspace and from the library.

Added some cool animations!

Basic items can now become depleted again.

Finding all combinations no longer results in an empty library.

Other minor performance fixes.


(iOS) Fixed the issue causing the iTunes login popup to appear on launch. Now it appears only when it's necessary.

(iOS) Fixed the issue preventing any sounds from playing in the game on iOS 11.

Fixed the issue spawning previously discovered items in place of the proper result of the mix.

Now when you discover all results for a specific item its details page in the encyclopedia will show you the remaining number of possible combinations. This change should make depleting items more clear.

Improved logic and removed unnecessarily duplicated results for some items.

Fixed the bug causing some items to never become depleted.

Changed basic items so that currently they can't become depleted. This will change in the next update as we plan on improving the final stages of the game.

Fixed some typos.
Thanks for reporting those! If you catch any other wild typos, make sure to let us know!

(Android) Made a change that (in theory) should fix the 'connection to the server was unsuccessful' error.


Made the long-press and double-tap gestures more reliable.

Opening search doesn't clear the list on empty search and it returns to the previous scroll position when closed.

Fixed the bug causing items to become unresponsive while on the workspace.

Fixed the bug causing locked items to spawn in the top-left corner.

Fixed the bug causing confusing behavior on portrait-landscape change.

Improved the animation for already combined items.

(iOS, Android) Improved the 'watch a video for a hint' to make it less likely to get an error. Also now if the error happens the message is more descriptive.

(Android) Fixed the bug allowing you to pick up an item from the library while it's scrolling and still being able to scroll the library while dragging the item.

(iOS) Music should now play properly on launch.

(iOS) The system player with game audio shouldn't appear anymore while on the lock screen.

(iOS) Fixed the bug causing some images to behave in an incorrect way when long-pressed.

'Recent items' in the encyclopedia now properly lists recently discovered items instead of item combinations.

Fixed the bug causing some items to appear as depleted while not being depleted.

Fixed some bugs causing the encyclopedia to behave unreliably after a progress reset.

Improved logic for some items.

Fixed certain (croaking) item so it doesn't spawn twice when created.

And a bunch of minor UI improvements and bugs fixes.


(iOS) We fixed some of the most pressing bugs causing the game to get unresponsive when you tried to mix items resulting in an item you alredy discovered using different combination.

The base was improved with some items no longer being unnecessarily difficult to find.
(*cough cough* plant)

A few items saw a name change, most notably alchemist was renamed to philosophy and scientist renamed to science.

We had to remove 3 items that mistakenly found their way into to the game.

Alchemist is now a new item, unrelated to the philosophy item.

(iOS, Android) Hints no longer count towards your progress.

Now it should be easier to duplicate items by double-tapping them on the workspace.

(Web) the "Contact Us" button should now actually work. Maybe that's why didn't get any complaints about the web version...

Each section on the stats screen in the encyclopedia now when clicked opens the corresponding item search.

Categories on the items screen in the encyclopedia are now in alpabetical order.

And a few other, tiny fixes and improvements that shouldn't be noticable.