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Regarding Progress Loss on Android Devices

First of all, if you’re one of the players affected by the loss of progress in Little Alchemy we’re sorry for all the trouble this caused you.

What Happened?

In December a bug introduced by Google resulted in many apps losing data and Little Alchemy turned out to be one of those apps. The bug caused a part of the Android system to ‘forget’ about some of the data stored on the device up to this point.

You can check a more detailed explanation from bbc:

How To Attempt To Recover Your Progress?

  1. Log in or register a new account in Little Alchemy 2 by going to settings > login and following instructions on your screen. This step is necessary if you want to make sure that any progress you made after the reset is preserved.
  2. Make sure that ‘Google Chrome’ and ‘Android System WebView‘ apps are updated to the newest version. Version number should be 79.0.3945.93 or higher.
  3. Restart Little Alchemy.

These steps should result in progress from before the reset to be available again.

If those steps are not resulting in recovered progress there’s nothing else we can do. It makes us incredibly disappointed that a company the size of Google allowed for an oversight of that magnitude making half of their users lose data in their applications.

In the future we suggest logging in to keep your progress safe regardless of the device you’re using. In Little Alchemy 2 go to settings > login and follow instructions on your screen.